IS-IS Mikrotik

IS-IS Mikrotik

Now in RouterOS v7.13beta1

On November 13th, Mikrotik has included IS-IS in RouterOs v7.13beta1

This routing protocol will be a game changer!

What is IS-IS?

IS-IS, which stands for Intermediate System to Intermediate System, is a link-state interior gateway routing protocol used in computer networking.

Originally designed for use in the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model, IS-IS has found broad adoption in IP-based networks as well. It operates by allowing routers (intermediate systems) to exchange routing information and construct a comprehensive view of the network's topology.

IS-IS uses a hierarchical structure with different levels and areas, which aids in scaling and organization. It's known for its efficiency, fast convergence, and flexibility, making it a preferred choice for large service providers and organizations with complex network infrastructures.

IS-IS plays a vital role in the core of many large-scale networks, enabling reliable and efficient data routing.

Let's Dive into IS-IS!!

IS-IS Foundations

IS-IS Configuration